Did you know that the NSW BMX Championships hit hard on the weekend?

If you're down with BMX racing in Australia you might be aware of the state championships that happen each year.

But if you don't race BMX, then read on. You'll get the lowdown on a huge aspect of one of the most exciting styles of BMX here in Australia.

NSW BMX state titles 2019 Back Bone BMX race crew

A quick overview on how the BMX State Titles work

Each year, a BMX track is chosen in each state (and territory), with riders all over Australia travelling to compete for the chance to be crowned the fastest rider for that state in their respective age groups.

A rider from any state or territory can win the title and bragging rights (thanks to a number plate donning the riders' achievement) for the year. 

 Rhysty's 40-44 men final.

Recapping the 2019 NSW BMX Titles

This year the NSW State Titles were held at Maitland BMX track just north of Newcastle. 

There was a big convoy of Canberra BMX riders in attendance at Maitland, competing across several age classes.

The Maitland BMX track had a good mix of all the elements that make a good BMX race; a powerful first straight with a long first turn that led into a fun and fast second straight with no shortage of jumps.

The third straight kept you on your toes! 

This third straight rhythm was just technical enough to keep you thinking while still being fast and not clunky. The only left berm on the track was left till last and started a tight last straight to the finish.

It was rad to see a heavy presence of the fastest and loosest crew in town, thanks to riders from Canberra and interstate wearing their Back Bone race jerseys. The Back Bone race crew was in full effect. 

Reid Stewart NSW BMX state titles photo Mitch Ramm

11 Boys shredder and Tuggeranong BMX rider Reid Stewart. Mitch Ramm photo.

NSW BMX State Titles results

Riders were looking fast all weekend long; there was no less than 850 entries into the State Titles across the two days, which means some of the age classes were STACKED with over forty riders competing through to make an 8 rider final.

A big pat on the back goes to all riders who competed. Regardless of where you finished up, it's an impressive feat just to line up on the gate. We were, however, stoked to see a heavy presence of these Canberra BMX racers charge into the finals and grab a NSW plate.

  • 9 girls: Amelia Stitchbury (1st)
  • 11 boys: Reid Stewart (5th)
  • 12 girls: Maddie Hayes (4th)
  • 12 boys: Cooper Sellars (8th)
  • 13 girls: Laura Gasperski (8th)
  • 14 boys: Nathan Granatelli (5th)
  • 16 boys: Luke Granatelli (7th)
  • 30-34 men: Kaine McCarroll (3rd)
  • 40-44 men: Rhysty! (2nd)
  • 45-49 men: Craig Hewitt (7th)

Rhysty hit his final hard and although his foot unclipped down the third rhythm straight, he was still able to hold it together for a 2nd place finish. A special mention goes out to Australian vert-riding legend Matt Fairbairn, who went down hard in the same final, got up and then tried to 360 the last double into the second straight. Wild.

Rhysty and the 40-44 men into the first corner

Rhysty heading into the first corner in the 40-44 men final. Photo: Mitch Ramm

BMX racing is tough.

It's tough to line up onto a stacked gate of 8 riders, all of you wanting to make it into the first corner in the number one position - and carry that position all the way to the finish line.

It takes concentration, guts, skill, practice and a little bit of luck to make it through any race, so if you're out on the track and giving it your all - especially at an event like the NSW BMX State Titles - we applaud you. 

Congrats to all the racers and see you next time!

Luke Granatelli NSW BMX state titles 2019

Luke Granatelli is one of the fastest 16 boys in Australia right now. Photo: Mitch Ramm


October 14, 2019 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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