Before we round the corner into the second half of the video tomorrow, we thought we'd start to get the sections to the video in order. For those that don't own our video, this is a chance to get a feel for the way the video sits as a cohesive piece. Sitting down and watching a BMX video is an experience. It feels different. You give it more attention - you can appreciate the way certain sections and songs move into the next.

When the video was being pieced together, we, with Brendan, spoke in depth about the way the video would start, what sections would go where, as well as how it would feel with the rider's song moving into the next section. It was important to us that the video didn't get too overshadowed with one type of riding, or one type of music, as it played through.

So, have another play through - we'll be adding sections to the playlist as it happens.


July 10, 2017 — Tyson Jones-Peni