ACT Jam 2021 is ON! 

We have to still be conscious of the whole COVID-19 scenario that is permeating through the atmosphere, but we (through our club FACT BMX) are working dang hard to make this one happen. And make it bigger than ever before.

We're still working on a few details to finalise shortly and will make public as soon as possible. But we thought we'd give a few tidbits of info for those who are chasing a little more to get excited about.

ACT Jam 2021 Current information

  • BentSpoke are in for 2021! The last ACT Jam we held in 2019 was amazing, with the final stop being held at their cannery on a ramp setup that was built by Jason Watts, the Fast and Loose gang and a couple of Canberra legends. Can you imagine riding BMX in a place that is also brewing the number 1 beer in the country? That's what happened at ACT Jam in 2019.
  • April 2 (Friday night) and the first stop will be at Weston skatepark. That's right, Weston is back on the cards for 2021.
  • We will be following a COVID-19 safe plan. It's just got to be done, it's the world we live in. But know that we'll be taking all the necessary precautions to adhere to current COVID-19 guidelines 
  • Local legends Hardwood Projects, Miner Projects and NBD Constructions are heading up the building of the ramps with Jason Watts. Exciting times lay ahead..
  • The BMX industry will be getting behind the 2021 ACT Jam as they do every year - more on that soon
  • Ranch Hand video will be premiered at ACT Jam - the highly anticipated video by Brendan Boeck

Keep checking back for more info.. But you already know by now to be in Canberra April 2 - 4, right?

Kris Fox Act Jam BentSpoke BMX event

Kris Fox giving the crowd at BentSpoke a show! Photo: Jack Gruber

February 23, 2021 — Tyson Jones-Peni
Tags: act jam