Back Bone BMX Professional Pre-Service Bike Build: $79

Each bike sent includes 33 point service:

Service overview:

  • Spokes tightened and wheels straightened beyond machine build
  • Brakes adjusted (spring tension/brake pads/brake line)
  • Cranks removed, parts greased and tightened
  • Headset removed, parts greased and tightened
  • All bolts and nuts tightened correctly 
  • Grease and lubricant in all needed areas
  • Air in tires

Each bike is then packed into a box with care using protective covering. Once you receive the bike, the only thing you will need to do is fit the front wheel, pedals and handlebars - with the Professional Pre-Service Bike Build everything else on your bike is serviced, tight and ready to go! 

Back Bone BMX bike build

Above: How your bike will look (once you've removed all protective packaging!)

You won't see this offered from other bike shops.

No other bike shop will go to the length we do to make owning a new BMX bike a great experience. 

If you receive a bike from another bike shop, you're going to need to spend a good portion of your time putting it together. 

Alternatively, taking a bike to another bike store to be built can cost upwards of $200.

Our professional pre-service bike build takes the headache out of doing it yourself and ensures that your bike was built right, and ready to ride with a very small amount of assembly.

We have created the video below to show you the small steps necessary to get riding!

Bikes that are ordered without our Professional Bike Build do not undergo any prior building/servicing and we recommend the bike being built by a qualified bicycle mechanic.

Failure to do so could cause a bicycle malfunction and result in serious injury for which Back Bone BMX will not be held liable.

Any assembly undertaken without professional assistance is at the customer's risk and any damage resulting from faulty assembly will not be covered by the warranty. 

If you have any questions about our bike build, please contact us and we'll help you out.