Hold on tight as we cruise through my BMX journey – from my childhood antics to becoming a BMX-loving dad.

Picture a five-year-old version of me eyeing his first BMX, a makeshift, converted dragster with BMX parts that ignited a lifelong passion. The year was 1981, where Canberra's BMX scene was booming, and homemade tracks were the norm.

Now, let's talk about the real game-changer: the kids BMX bike.

The most popular balance bike of all time, the DK Nano

In 2009, the scene evolved with the introduction of balance bikes – the perfect prelude to the kids BMX revolution. These bikes redefine the learning curve, allowing little ones to ride from the moment they take their first steps. Fast forward, and my own kids are tearing up the block on their kids BMX bikes, leaving me in awe.

The genius lies in the range of sizes, from balance bikes to the iconic 20-inch kids BMX bike. A parenting gem: three kids, two years apart, translates to passing down bikes like a family tradition. Yes, I co-own a BMX shop, and yes, I'm still a strong advocate for the seamless progression offered by different sizes (AKA the hand-me-down BMX bike) - making the kids BMX bike the ultimate investment.

kids bmx bike jumping

My middle son at 13, on his first 20 inch BMX bike, after riding years of riding smaller wheel bikes. He is about 155cm tall here.

Major kudos to BMX companies for crafting these pint-sized wonders. Lighter bikes mean more control for the young daredevils – catching air, navigating dirt tracks, or cruising around the block becomes a breeze on a kids BMX bike.

Now, let's jump into engineering brilliance – enter aluminum frames and alloy parts, reducing weight without compromising toughness. These bikes, designed for the unpredictable nature of kids, endure drops, rain, and whatever else young riders throw their way.

Crank lengths, a critical component, receive a serious upgrade with 95mm cranks, empowering those little legs with serious power. Pedal strokes? Check. Leg muscles? Growing stronger with every ride on a purpose-built kids BMX bike.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: Freestyle BMX is the way to go! These bikes, suitable for skateparks, pump tracks, jump tracks, and bike paths, are the epitome of versatility. If your child decides to venture into BMX racing, the transition is seamless. But for now, let them enjoy the unmatched freedom of a kids BMX bike – the bike they can bash around on, ride to school, and create countless memories.

Facilities today are a far cry from my childhood – a testament to the explosion of BMX greatness. More kids on bikes mean more friendships, more fun, and an undeniable community spirit.

In conclusion, if you're contemplating your child's first bike, consider this: investing in a kids BMX bike is the ultimate parenting game-changer. It's not just a bike; it's a tool for growth, a source of endless joy, and the key to unlocking a lifelong love for BMX.

Rhysty @ Back Bone BMX🤘

kids bmx jumping

My youngest son at 11 years old on his 18 inch BMX bike.

January 22, 2024 — Tyson Jones-Peni