I tripped down for the weekend to Melbourne to visit the Rampfest indoor skatepark and take part in the mid school BMX jam that was organised by Kris Degenhardt for riders 35 years and older.

It was a beast of a jam, with so many of my childhood local heroes in one place.

It was really special to see a lot of these riders still shredding, with some of them riding so damn good they could've taken out a modern day pro comp.

We all rode deep into the night and the skatepark was filled with awesome vibes from start to finish.

Thanks to Kris for organising, Rampfest for hosting and all the riders who attended and got me stoked.

Enjoy the photos and if you're nearing the 30+ mark, then know there's plenty of light at this end of the tunnel.

- Tyson

mick bayzand bmx

Teddy! Rampfest's employee of the year (my words) Mick Bayzand stepping them over.

mick bayzand bmx

Teddy going downside pegs into the resi.

360 whip

chocco dave camilleri bmx seatgrabchocco fastplant

julian rocha no foot can

julian rocha bmx 360 turndown

paul robertson bmx walltap

quinny bmx superman

quinny bmx nac nac

Liam 'Quinny' Quinlivan isn't close to being 35+, but he was doing tricks that represented the mid school so I had to shoot some photos. Superman and nac nac with some modern flare.


May 03, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni