UPDATE: New ACT Jam video competition cut off date of Midnight 29th October 2023.

The 2023 Boost Mobile ACT Jam is going to be at that next level. It's officially the tenth year since the reincarnation of the ACT Jam. Every year the jam builds and builds, but this year, we are taking the jam to a new, and different, level.

ACT Jam 2023 will focus heavily on a BMX video competition that is now officially open.

Every rider and their crew has a chance to film a video part that can be submitted by the extended cut off date of midnight 29th October 2023. A panel of judges will watch the submitted videos, selecting the top ten videos to be premiered as a full video during ACT Jam 2023!

The premiere will count down from ten, with the number one video part being the last part played on the night, revealing the winner.

Top three parts will receive prizes, with the winning video part receiving $3000 to share amongst the rider/riders and filmer/filmers.

We feel this video contest and premiere night is a special and important addition to ACT Jam for a few reasons. Firstly, it makes the jam even more fun for riders. While there will still be cash prizes to be given for things like best trick, challenges etc., the pressure will be off to perform.

Ask most riders what the most special part of a BMX event is and there answer will be 'a video premiere'. There is nothing quite like celebrating a rider's achievements that has been captured on (digital) film and showing it for the first time to the BMX community.

Typically video premieres are of one brand, one crew of riders - and this is where the ACT Jam video part competition premiere stands out. It provides a unique opportunity for multiple different scenes, sponsored riders, locations and genres of riding - a chance to shine and celebrate - all in the same night.

Whether your video makes the top ten played on the premiere night or not, we know that you'll have a real appreciation for what goes down on the weekend of November 10, 11 and 12.

Good luck and happy filming. See you in November! Scroll down to read the rules and guidelines.

 act jam 2023 bmx video competition

ACT Jam 2023 Video Contest Rules and Guidelines

  • Video must be minimum 2:00 minutes long
  • Video must be maximum 5:00 minutes long
  • Video can be 1 - 6 different riders
  • Video must only contain footage that has not been used anywhere else
  • Video must not contain blantant sponsor footage ie. watermarks or lingering and repeated sponsor logos
  • Video must be submitted in .mp4 format via dropbox/wetransfer (or similar) link to club@backbonebmx.com.au by midnight October 29 2023. Absolutely no videos will be accepted after this date.
  • Any terrain/style of riding permitted
  • Any music permitted (video creator takes responsibility for music used without permission).
  • Video judging will be done through a group of chosen judges within the BMX industry, criteria will be creativity, tricks, filming and editing, sound, music choice, titles, originality, enjoyment, watchability, vibe
  • Submitted videos should not be shown to or viewed by public by anyone except Back Bone BMX until after ACT Jam 2023 has finalised. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification. (So don't upload your part to your YouTube until after the premiere!)
  • Submissions are open worldwide residents
  • By submitting a video you agree to having your video played at ACT Jam 2023 and used by Back Bone BMX in future marketing and promotions. You may still use your video and you own all the rights to it! We just want you to okay with us be playing it and making it available to BMX riders.


April 07, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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