It's officially the end of daylight savings, but we held a jam to send it off properly. An awesome turn out from riders all up and down the east coast. Crew from up in QLD, Newcastle, Sydney, Dubbo and more, all made it to Weston Creek skatepark for an afternoon of good times on BMX bikes.

We gave away some awesome prizes, thanks to our sponsors Eclat, Fast and Loose, Colony (and us! Haha).

Riders young and old killed it all arvo, I shot some photos. Thanks to everyone who came and had a smile on their face - I've been reminded a lot lately that BMX is about good times with your mates - Saturday at Weston Creek was exactly that.

- Tyson

Big thanks to Shane Darwin from the Seen Co for filming this raw cut vid!

BMX Canberra at weston creek skatepark

Spot the stoked kid! Some of the crew at Weston Creek.

jyelan federal bmx canberra

Jyelan rode sick all day, really unique style and no chain or sprocket!

harrison fuller tempered bmx canberra

Harrison Fuller ripping and whipping, down from QLD for the weekend.

ben mcmillan bsd bmx australia

Benny McMillan kung fu slickin.

arthur birbilopoulos bmx table canberra

Arthur Birbilopoulos folding one over at height on the nicest paint job of the day.

mylee toohey bmx australia

Young Mylee Toohey just got back from 3 weeks up on the Gold Coast riding and competing. She is shredding lately and more importantly, is stoked on BMX.

tyson jones peni 360 bmx wethepeople australia

I did some riding, too. 360 over the spine. Photo: Brendan Boeck

dermo no foot can bmx weston creek

Dermo was full of gnarly tricks all weekend, like this topside no foot can can.

sasha kiselev bmx table canberra

Sasha is only 11 years old and rides with style and maturity beyond his years.

chris kerr bmx toboggan australia

Chris Kerr makes everything look awesome on a bike. Case in point.

harrison fuller tempered bmx australia

Harrison Fuller with the back seat grab.

dermo x up bmx weston creek

Dermo twisting it up.

danny stevenson wethepeople bmx australia

Danny Stevenson, absolutely cranked lookback, way up there.

sasha jackson bmx table australia

The two young guns, Sasha Kiselev and Jackson Presbury, worked hard to get these tables synched up and laid over at the right time.

April 04, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni