No doubt you've seen this increddddible 17+ minute long rip snorter of a video from the Cult crew by now, but if you haven't, now is the time to really sit back and absorb some seriously, seriously, amazing riding in our own backyard. Corey Walsh and Dan Foley were able to travel across the Pacific with BMX filmer and all-round legend Veesh, to meet up with our bro (and long time Back Bone team rider) Benn Pigot, as well as newly appointed Cult team rider (and also Back Bone team rider) Jason Watts. 

The dudes spent some time in Melbourne and Sydney, as well as a bunch of time in here in Canberra, destroying the place in the best way they know how, on a BMX bike. Plenty of the trails in this vid, as well as a heavy dose of Canberra skateparks.

The Cult crew also put on a hell of a show with a jam at Belconnen skatepark one of the days they were here, I shot some photos for that, which you can see below. 

If this video doesn't get you stoked on what Cult is doing, as well as what the Australian BMX scene has to offer, then you might be doing the wrong thing!

- Tyson

Benn Pigot belconnen skatepark turndown

Benn Pigot doing it proper. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Corey Walsh belconnen skatepark

Corey Walsh, Zac Miner and Jason Watts hangin'. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

Dan Foley Belconnen skatepark can can

Dan Foley is as smooth as it gets, with style to match. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni

jason watts bmx belco bowl belconnen skatepark

The dude Jason Watts is runnin' it right now.. His part in the Cult Down Under video is bonkers. Photo: Tyson Jones-Peni 

January 15, 2019 — Tyson Jones-Peni