Riding street and finding spots is a good time, especially with some crew around - so we thought we'd get everyone together to ride some street in the city.

A few of the team dudes are always cruising the city and often talk about getting more frequent street rides happening. We caught word of regular BMX street rides happening in Melbourne with the Focalpoint crew, so we took some incentive from those guys. 

Canberra city has got spots too, plus who knows what we'll find.

Meet up at Civic skatepark and we'll cruise some spots from there. We'll take some photos and maybe get some clips.. See ya there!

Jack O'Reilly Canberra BMX street feeble

Jack O'Reilly riding one of the spots Canberra has to offer.. Photo: Brendan Boeck

May 19, 2018 — Tyson Jones-Peni