You know by now - Chris Harti kills it every time he rides his BMX. The throttle is twisted at all times!

We were lucky enough to be graced with some rad photos of Chris Harti doing his thing at the Kerr bros' trails on his freshly built up bike. If you're feeling like getting a bit of Harti blast and want to know what he's up to - bike wise and this year - read through and get inspired.

Thanks to Brendan Boeck for the photos!


Chris Harti Fit Hartbreaker bike side

Fit Hartbreaker bmx bike check laying down

So Harti, what’s your favourite part about your bike:

The frame.

What about the frame do you like?

Cause it feels like a man’s bike. It doesn’t feel like a tiny bike like I have ridden in the past. I’m not gonna fly away on it like some of these little bikes. It’s good to be on a big bike that is appropriately sized for what I like to ride.

Chris Harti bmx bike check fit key sprocket

You recently stepped up to a 21.5 tt Hartbreaker, why?

A little bit Danny Stevenson and Dylan Lewis inspired; I was only on a 21 and I felt like I needed my bike bigger again. I saw Danny and Dylan on a bigger top tube frame and I felt the geometry on my frame with a bigger top tube would feel sick.

Sure enough, I got to have a few sessions on the trails and first lap I told Russell (Brindley) ‘dude, you need to get a 21 and a half.’

What would you like to change about your bike?

A new Back Bone seat wouldn’t go astray.

chris harti bmx bike check back bone seat

How often do you work on your bike?

I like to keep it well maintained so it feels good. I just can’t afford to have a shit session and when my bike isn’t running well I have a shit session. It’s like a drag car – you gotta rebuild the c*nt every time you take it out [laughter].

Tire pressure needs to be checked twice a week!

How much tire pressure?

The past year I’ve been swearing by 80psi everywhere, but lately it’s 70 at the trails, 80 at the park.

Chris Harti bmx bike check fit handlebars

What’s your plans for the year?

Full blown east coast trail camp. Hang out in New York, go to Pittsburgh, full on east coast thing. Head to Austin and do the BMX thing. It’s been four years trying to get this trade and I need get out of here.

So you’ve been with Fit bike co for 7 years and had a signature Hartbreaker frame for almost 3 years; you got anything else in the works with Fit?

A complete bike is coming out for 2019 – for the kids who want to roast.

Chris Harti bmx bike check riding bmx trails

Chris Harti is all about the pull back whip out. Photo: Brendan Boeck

chris harti bmx bike check nose dive whip out

Nose dived and kicked out. Photo: Brendan Boeck


Chris Harti bmx bike check 360

Launchin' it! This is a 30ft set of dubs out at the Kerr's trails and Harti is spinning it. No worries on the big frame! Photo: Brendan Boeck






May 09, 2018 — Tyson Jones-Peni