As you might be aware from previous posts on the gram and elsewhere, Back Bone co-owner and United team rider Tyson Jones-Peni worked on a recently released United frame called the Knightsbridge - which Tyson got to name after his local bar.

Poke your head into Knightsbridge (the bar) most weekends, you'll find a BMXer in there and Tyson will likely be one of them.

Tyson just tore his AC joint in his shoulder filming for a promo Knightsbridge vid, but he'll be back in no time. 

In the meantime though, here's his ride with a few questions with the low down on his setup, as well as what he's up to while he's laid up on the injury bench.


Tyson Jones Peni United Knightsbridge bike check side

United Knightsbridge frame front bike check

So Tyson, what's the story with your bike? Anything going on you care to share?

Everything is going on with it! But yeah, of course the frame is the thing I'm particularly frothing on. As far as my setup, I run my bars slightly in front of inline with my forks. A used to run four fingers of seat post, but I felt like I needed to feel young again [laughter]. So I lowered it. I run my back wheel at 14.5", I try to run 80 psi in my tires if I'm riding concrete but I like them less if I am riding trails. I run some tape around my straddle hanger so it doesn't 'ting' when I'm riding.

United Knightsbridge bike check back

Tell us a little more about the frame.

It's a frame that makes no compromises on what I want to ride. I am so stoked that United wanted to do a TRU version 2 frame and I can't believe how much input I got to give towards it. I wrote a little more about the frame here if you want to read up it. Small things like the flat plate seatstay bridge, double bend chainstays and the bullet tip stay ends get me psyched.

Also the little alchemy symbols around the outside of the knight graphic I drew, on the left running from top to bottom is; day, sand, clay (a good mix of the two for the trails) and air. Represents the recipe for a good day.

On the right from top to bottom is; night, wine, honey (which is heavily referenced at Knightsbridge) and hot fire (the dance floor) [laughter]. A recipe for a good night. 

Put them both together and you've got the Knightsbridge..

United Knightsbridge graphics

 You recently crashed trying to film something. What happened and what are you doing with all that time off?

I came up short on a gap at Tuggers skatepark and went over the bars, tore my AC joint in my shoulder. I'm pretty bummed because I totally thought it was possible and it was the for the promo vid for the frame. It's still possible but I might need to pump my tires up to 100 psi or something [laughter].

I've got 6 weeks off the docs reckon. I always go a little stir crazy but it's a good opportunity to draw more or something along those lines. I think I'm gonna go to the bar this weekend (note: Friday 29.6) if anyone is keen [laughter]? 

 Tyson Jones Peni trail riding Back Bone BMX

Tyson from healthier days, at the trails. Photo: Brendan Boeck.

June 25, 2018 — Tyson Jones-Peni