Above: Kris McCreath AKA Parrot, ripping around the berm toward the hut.

Every November since 2012, we've ran a jam to commemorate the life of our friend, team rider and absolute savage trail rider, Dane Searls.

We have never wanted the D.A.N.E. jam to be the only jam to pay respect to his legendary life, nor should it be.

A jam where hundreds of people turn up, or a private jam that only a few in-the-know locals have, doesn't matter, especially when it's to acknowledge and celebrate the life of a legend like Dane Searls.

This year we wanted to encourage riders worldwide to hold a jam for Dane - and the BMX community worldwide responded amazingly!

Riders locally, interstate, and across the globe, got tires on the dirt at the trails, or shovels in the dirt if the weather wasn't favourable. We even saw a few riders who took a couple of laps at the park. But it was all for Dane. 

We think it's a beautiful way to celebrate this legend, to let his name and legacy ring out among the worldwide BMX scene every year.

Special thanks goes out to Jonny Mackellar who ran a public jam at Sumner's trails up in QLD, but just a huge thanks in general to those who ran a jam, or took a lap, in Dane's honour this year. 

A bunch of the crew here in Canberra got together and rode the trails, there was a few Dane Searls-esque moves thrown down (although no 60ft supermans), plenty of good times to celebrate a legend.

Thanks to Brendan Boeck for the photos.

RIP Dane Searls.

Russell Brindley tuck

Russell Brindley, with the tuck n dive. Weaponhead in tow.

Will Gunn whip

Will Gunn, if in doubt, kick it out!

Tyson Jones-Peni 360

Tyson Jones-Peni, mid rotate.

Danny Stevenson whip

Danny Stevenson AKA Weaponhead, giving it a weapon shred, while Will follows him UP.

Will Gunn table

Vice versa! Will in the air, Danny leading the way. Fold N Hold.

Rhysty spine

Rhysty kickin it on the spine.

Russell Brindley hip

Rusty hesh, layin it out.

Danny Stevenson no foot can

Weaponhead with the Dane inspired no foot can!