Fast and Loose BMX shred master Corey Walsh is a 100% animal. You've probably heard a million times when reading about BMX videos, 'this is a must watch', but anything Corey is doing, you've just got to set aside some time to watch it - hopefully with a big screen, and the music turned up.

There's a bunch of Canberra footage in here, including spots that you'll never see again, as well as new tricks on famous spots like the Kambah U-Pipe.

What's most interesting about this Corey Walsh BMX video, is it's almost entirely DIY spots, pools, or weird transition sculptures.. Does that mean that this video is a street video? Corey Walsh, 2024 Street Rider of the Year?


Corey Walsh cult bmx kambah u pipe

Corey making shapes at the infamous Kambah U-Pipe. Photo: Tyson JP

October 04, 2023 — Tyson Jones-Peni
Tags: bowl street