Contemplating the gnarliness.. Raine Turnbull photo.

While it was our intention to upload each section of the video in order, we just couldn't resist uploading Zac Miner's EPIC section today, on his 30th birthday! Zac went all in for his section, almost every single one of his clips were pure nail biting, hands over the face, two zeros dialled with your phone out ready to hit the third zero, type gnarly. In fact I'm still not sure the last clip even qualifies as a spot. It's just too gnarly to look at as an actual thing you can do on a bike. Regardless, Zac lived to tell the tale, as well as many others and what you see below is epicness in BMX riding, all expertly put together by Brendan Boeck (as well as the rest of the video).. And that soundtrack - you'll want to turn it up, you'll have goosebumps.

Thanks for being a absolutely legendary dude on the bike and even more so off the bike Zac, you are a do-er in BMX who builds spots, helps with jams, and you walk your own path. Happy birthday mate! 

Now what are you doing, hit play!

Zac Miner invert Gunning

Zac ripping, as usual! Tyson JP photo


June 02, 2017 — Tyson Jones-Peni