Yep, our first event of the winter will be a good one, a full blown game of B.I.K.E. 

Sunday June 18, Belconnen skatepark.

Three different age categories! Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category.

Everyone that rides must be a current member of Freestyle BMX Australia with a competitive licence which lasts for a year. Registration will be open at 1pm and close at 1.45pm on the day if you need to sign up to FBMXA. Under 18s will need a parent or guardian to sign them on, no mate signing you on! Alternatively you can sign up online prior right here.

FBMXA membership will be provide you with public liability insurance while you're a member (a yearly membership costs $41.15 currently), as well as given personal accident insurance while you're a member - which helps with things like ambulance and loss of income etc if you've had a crash. Full scope of the coverage is available here.

Can't wait to see the moves that everyone unleashes, from rail tricks to box jump tricks to bowl riding, it's going to be awesome and a good way to expand your list of tricks.. Should probably start practising! 

game of bike 2017

May 31, 2017 — Tyson Jones-Peni