Kris Fox is a 10/10 human and the new Demolition Mental Exodus video shows his 10/10 bike riding skills in what I think is the most accurate depiction (AKA mind-blowing) to date.

Sometimes more 'simple' riding can be hard to grasp over an internet video - it just doesn't put you there, looking at the spot, appreciating the difficulty of it all, compared to a video with more trick-centric moves that I (and many of us) can't do and by definition are difficult. 

Mental Exodus does a great job of putting you into that real life perspective of Kris' riding; he really does ride that fast, he really does jump that far. Some of the manual lines in particular are ridiculous and really captures just how much bike control, speed, and precision Kris rides with 'in real life'. 

The old adage runs true with Kris; take away the shared interest of BMX and if you still want to hang out, then you're in good company. Kris is a top bloke and friend and I'm stoked on this vid (as you can tell).

I can't wait to see this Fast & Loose vid!

- Tyson

Kris Fox BMX dirt Act Jam 2018

Kris whipped way past sideways at last year's ACT Jam. Photo: Tyson JP

June 06, 2019 — Tyson Jones-Peni
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