Jack Gruber has been riding for the shop since he was a young 16 year old royal rat. He's 23 now, and despite his phenom abilities on the BMX, he has developed quite the eye for photography. Quite the eye, indeed.

Starting down the route of photos of BMX, Jack's subject matter has expanded to his other passion; music. Jack has found himself a gig shooting photos of gigs. And his photos are nothing short of epic.

Jack's photos even found their way into the finals for the Monster Children photo comp late last year - I wouldn't be surprised if that happens again this year.

It's cool to see someone pursue the things they love while still maintaining their love for BMX (and tearing it pieces).

Jack thought he'd share a couple of photos from his world travels, plus a page from his journal, all handwritten cause he's nifty like that.

Jack Gruber united bmx portrait

Jack Gruber BMX icepick

Long icepick. Portrait and riding photos by Anthony Bowler.

Jack Gruber journal scan

jack gruber midnight oil photo

Midnight Oil.. Photo: Jack Gruber

jack gruber holiday photo


jack gruber photo

September 23, 2019 — Tyson Jones-Peni