Thanks to Brendan Boeck, we have a dose of Chris Harti tearing up his freshly upgraded spot that lives in the outskirts of Canberra, all on his new rig.

Harti and his trail digging partner in crime Raine Turnbull have been working on their spot in Wamboin for 10 years now and just when you thought it couldn't get more intimidating, they've added a 9 foot step down lip three sets in and jacked up a bunch of other sets.

Chris is just about to leave (tomorrow) for a 2 month trip across the world, heading to Budapest and the USA to get his fill of east coast trail riding.. lucky dude! If you're not following him on the gram now might be the time to see his antics go worldwide. 

Keep scrolling to see what Chris Harti runs and some epic shots out at his trails..


Fit Hartbreaker bike check sept 2019

Chris Harti bike check front end

Chris Harti BMX bike cranks

Chris Harti Fit Hartbreaker bike

Photos: Brendan Boeck

Chris Harti BMX portrait

Chris Harti, late August, 2019.

Chris Harti BMX trails step down

This jump is TALL and stepped down. Chris poppin'.

Chris Harti oppo table bmx trails

Chris oppo tabled on the big lefty.

Chris Harti wamboin trails

Chris, heading back to the top.

September 09, 2019 — Tyson Jones-Peni