Chris Harti table at Belco bowl

Harti in the deep bowl at Belconnen - if you're wondering how deep that bowl is, check out the height of the dudes in the background.. Photo: Tyson

Our first post in our new blog and it's a doozy, Chris Harti lays down his thoughts.

Harti has been on a tear lately.. Summer does that, long hours to ride, and no shortage of places to ride, it's no wonder Chris has been blitzing whatever his tires roll on.. I personally can't wait to watch him tear the Vans bowl comp in Manly a new one at the end of the month.

When Harti is stoked it's rad to see, especially on his bike. So we hit him up with a top 5 of sorts, to let you in on a little Chris Harti methodology (I don't know if any actually add up to five, so that's the first lesson). Here comes the stokage..


Places on the bike:

  • Wamboin
  • [Hill]Fire
  • Snarl
  • Mt.White
  • Belco Bowl
  • PA
  • ATX

Places off the bike:

  • The south coast between Ulladulla and Merimbula

Chris Harti Snails whip

Sideways and then some at the Snarl. Tyson photo.

Songs to ride to:

  • Volume 4 Sabbath

Songs to hang to:

  • Volume 4 Sabbath

Chris and the crew at Hillfire

Hangin with the boys after a sesh at Hillfire. Ticking off two top five answers in one photo.

Bike Parts:


  • Raineo
  • JNR

Harti toboggan at Belco

Harti is all about the steep and deep. Big toboggan. Tyson photo.

BMX memories:

  • Early foggy morning drop ins into the gnar with Cameron Bloke White at his place
  • Any sesh with my homies!

Harti lookback at Wamboin

It's his number one place on the bike, built with his number one rider, Raine. Wamboin, 25ft long, 8ft tall lip and a landing that would have to be 15ft once you get to the bottom. The place is no joke. It's no wonder Harti cuts shapes through any other spot, this place dwarfs everything else. Tyson photo.

February 11, 2017 — Tyson Jones-Peni