will kerr bmx indoor bowl

Will ripping around the curve wall. Photos: Tyson JP

Spent a day last week with my good mate Will Kerr in Young, NSW. It's been well over a decade since I first made my way to his (parents) backyard to ride the trails that he and younger brother Chris built.

Countless more trips out, and many years later, I've watched Will chip away at creating not only a banging set of trails, but one of the sickest ramp setups I've seen in a backyard.. maybe anywhere, for that matter.

I wanted to sit down with him to talk about that in the Back Bone Zone podcast, but hell, we just had so much to talk about that we barely skimmed the surface. So he'll be back on the podcast for sure.

I shot some extra photos of Will's indoor setup, with Will riding it, to give a little context to the podcast for those who haven't been.

Give the poddy a listen and get planning for how you can create your own BMX paradise.

- Tyson 

will kerr portrait bmx indoor bowl

The man with the plan.. Build your own scene.

will kerr table bmx indoor bowlWill Kerr folded and holdin!

will kerr bmx bikeLove watching Will ride this place, the lines are multiple and effortless.. Two bikes for two applications.. Listen to more about that in the podcast.

will kerr x up air bmxWrapping up the x-up before heading into another line. 


September 21, 2022 — Tyson Jones-Peni