Yep, the young kid from Tuggeranong turned BMX phenom adult, Jack Gruber, has just released this amazing video, A While Between Drinks.

Jack moved from Canberra to Melbourne a few years ago now and we miss him!

His transition of moving to Melbourne was greeted with some heavy lockdowns, which didn't make it a very friendly environment for going out riding you bike - let alone filming a video part.

Jack got it done though and the result is a super polished video part, that everyone should watch!

Jack has a very creative eye, which has transferred from his riding into his profession; Jack is now a photographer, shooting some of Australia's biggest musicians and working for huge brands.

His creative vision transferred over amazingly in this video... Luckily too, Anthony Bowler who filmed/edited is also a creative who works alongside Jack day to day!

A fresh location, or fresh eyes, is all it takes to breathe life into BMX, I love the way this video captures that vibe of getting out and exploring.

Hit play on Jack's video and get stoked to get outside to find new places to ride.

‘A while between drinks’ was filmed in the transition of moving from Canberra ACT to Melbourne Victoria - and what a ride that was. 262-ish days of lockdown in Melbourne, a fractured foot and ribs, torn ankle ligaments and still a bunch of awesome times sprinkled throughout. Throwing away the Canberra map and finding new spots down in Melbourne was an awesome experience, making this project full of new challenges. Time slips away indeed however wrapping this up feels as good as any other part I’ve filmed, even if its 3 years late. Thanks to the on going support and patience of United BMX and the family at Back Bone BMX! Onto the next one… Cheers!

- Jack Gruber

Filmed & Edited | Anthony Bowler

Music | Willie Nelson - Times Slips Away + Rowland S. Howard - White Wedding.

Supported by | United BMX & Back Bone BMX

jack gruber united bmx toothpick grind
Jack, switch tooth hanger. Photo: Anthony Bowler
jack gruber bmx portrait
The man! Jack Gruber.
April 02, 2024 — Tyson Jones-Peni