Some of the Cult Crew were lurking in and around Canberra leading up to this year's ACT Jam and the legendary Veesh threw down and made this killer video from their time here. I will say this though; Veesh has got a crazy work ethic. No matter what's going down he is there capturing it for you to enjoy, doing a damn good job at it too!

It was three days of BMX pandemonium here for this year's ACT Jam, there is still a hefty story coming up that I'm writing so we'll keep this one brief and let your eyeballs enjoy the goodness from the Cult Crew.

One last thing for this post - big thanks to the Cult dudes Jason Watts, Veesh, Benn Pigot, Pat Freyne, Preston Okert, Kyle Fletcher and of course this year's KOTA Corey Walsh for making it out and destroying!

- Tyson

May 11, 2019 — Tyson Jones-Peni