Snafu Logan Martin NOA Bars

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BMX phenom Logan Martin has got himself signature Snafu NOA bars - by now, you know that Logan is the top of the heap for competitive freestyle BMX, so you better believe that his signature Snafu BMX handlebars are made to handle the fiercest of tricks and highest of airs.

Super lightweight with a tapered crossbar, the Snafu NOA bars are going to shave some weight from your front end. 

Lastly, Logan Martin named his BMX bars with a name that closely resembles the name of his own child (NOA/Noah), so you know he's standing behind the quality. 


  • 9.25" Rise
  • 29" Wide
  • 11° Backsweep
  • 1° Upsweep
  • Heat Treated 4130 Chromoly
  • Tapered crossbar from 20mm - 15mm to save weight
  • 22.2mm (7/8") Clamping area suits standard BMX stems
  • Weight: 807 grams