S&M Dad Hat - Black


Dad it up, stay S&M.

  • Embroidered S&M Shield logo on front
  • Adjustable back
  • One size fits most

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Keenan V.
Made me more of a dad.

My overall experience of life and dad-hood changed drastically after using this item. Upon acceptance into my experience, the package was glowing with the smell of shred and gnar. On first sight of the item itself, I was blinded by pure love for bmx and wholesome quality. Within moments of placing the item on my head, my 7 month old daughter started levitating and speaking in ancient bmx tongues, only known To wearers of the hat. It all made sense. At this time we both levitated outside, Melted away the snow, and in synchronicity used the powers of shred and gnar to erect a skatepark of godly magnitude. After a few minutes of telepathic sculpting, the shredding began. Flying, flowing, and ripping to the likes unbeknownst to mankind. My infant daughter and I learned, executed, and perfected every trick In living memory. We then proceeded to invent a plethora of tricks and maneuvers to which no hat wearers and normie mankind can comprehend. In the heat of it all, the hat was knocked off my head….. The gnar and shredding came to a SCREECHING halt. If you buy this hat. Don’t take it off… Ever. I’ve since bought 11,000 units of this item, and would recommend to any dad that wishes to shred the gnar with his family, kin, and strangers alike. BMX forever \m/

The best review of all time.. Thanks for the laughs Keenan! - Tyson @ Back Bone

Jake Doyle
Very happy

Love it. Exactly what I thought it would be. Cheers