GSport Birdcage Rim

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At first glance the Birdcage rim looks like a fairly normal “aero” style rim, but as the name suggests, the GSport Birdcage rim has a hollow bead just like birds have hollow bones. This saves weight while keeping them strong as ever, to help you soar!

The GSport Birdcage is definitely one high tech rim.

  • Hollow rim bead
  • Cross lace design with high spoke offset to create a laterally stronger rim
  • Rim cross-section matches spoke angles to support the spoke nipples as much as possible
  • Offset valve hole retains more strength & easier pump installation
  • Slim sidewalls still allows room for brake pads
  • Outperforms most other rims while remaining 20
  • 30% lighter
  • Weight: 408 grams / 14.4oz