Fit Hartbreaker Frame - Chris Harti Signature

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Chris Harti's signature Fit Hartbreaker frame is a reality! We are so psyched for Chris to be rolling on his very own frame, 100% designed for trail roasting. We've seen first hand how high this frame can go, so good enough for Chris, good enough for you.

"If you like travelling at high speeds and pulling back as hard as you possibly can while being in control, then the Fit Hartbreaker might be the frame for you. It features a mellow 74.5° head tube, a low 11.35” BB height, and a nice 9.15” standover to match. Top it all off with a longer back-end you can trust and you got yourself a machine that’s ready for roasting, Oh! I had to make sure she was built like an ox too." - Chris Harti


  • Available in 21", 21.125" & 21.5" top tube lengths
  • 13.8"-14.5" Rear end length
  • 74.5° Head tube angle
  • 71° Seat tube angle
  • 11.35" BB height
  • 9.15" Standover
  • Integrated Head tube
  • Mid Bottom Bracket
  • 14mm Dropouts, 3/16" Thick, 4Q Baked
  • Welded chainstay brake mounts
  • No Seat clamp
  • 25.4mm seat post size
  • Weight: 21” - 5.18 lb (2.35 kg) / 21.125” - 5.235 lb (2.37 kg) / 21.5” - 5.3 lb (2.4 kg) 


  • Butted Supertherm Top Tube
  • Straight Gauge Supertherm Down Tube
  • Double Gussets
  • Slightly Tapered Seat Stays
  • Slightly tapered Single Bend Chain Stays
  • 2.4" Tire Clearance (even when slammed)
  • Double Butted Seat Tube
  • Longer Drop Out Slots
  • Welded on Chain Stay Brake Mounts
  • Through the Seat Tube Cable Routing
  • Double Down Tube Cable Guides
  • Engraved Key Logo Head Tube
  • Available in Matte Black, Trans Black, Gloss Clear
  • American Made