Back Bone BMX Ratty T-Shirt - Youth


When Ratty kids need BMX t-shirts, what better choice than this one!

BMX has always been a counterculture than has been less than accepted by the general public.. Ratty 'kids' on BMX bikes. We're down with keeping it ratty in BMX, keeping the counterculture alive and kicking.

  • 150 GSM 100% Cotton
  • Fabric pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage
  • Petrol Blue tee with white/black print

SIZE GUIDE (length x width):

  • 2: 31cm x 42cm
  • 4: 34cm x 46cm
  • 6: 37cm x 50cm
  • 8: 40cm x 54cm
  • 10: 43cm x 58cm
  • 12: 47cm x 62cm