We are proud to be a LMNT Australia stockist.

LMNT electrolytes info

Why do you stock electrolytes?

The simple reason is because we use it ourselves for a few years now - we see it playing a crucial role in performance in BMX, so that you can ride better, for longer!

LMNT is made for all athletes and those who live an active lifestyle, and BMX riders and BMX racers are certainly no exception.

BMX riding makes you sweat like crazy.

You know what you lose through sweat? Electrolytes. 

Unfortunately, many of us are not ingesting the required amount of electrolytes - especially when we're riding BMX and sweating like mad. This is where supplementing with LMNT electrolytes
comes in.

How do you use LMNT electrolytes?

LMNT comes in easy to use, single serve sachets that you mix with water to replace electrolytes lost during physical activity and throughout the day.

LMNT is formulated with the ideal ratio of sodium, magnesium and potassium to ensure that your electrolytes stay balanced.

We recommend using around 500ml of water per sachet - unless you like your LMNT way saltier tasting.

*Back Bone Bonus*

Rip a sachet into soda water (and mind the bubble up!) to have a truly refreshing LMNT experience.