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What does FBM Bikes stand for? When BMX legend Steve Crandall started FBM in the 1990s, he felt like BMX companies at the time were owned by a bunch of Fat Bald Men and so he started FBM Bikes to poke fun at those corporate companies and offer up a new BMX brand with a DIY ethos and a focus on fun.

Many years have passed, but FBM BMX still holds true to their core values, looking after BMXers everywhere by being one of the only BMX companies to offer BMX frames and parts built in-house at FBM, as well as array of awesome BMX clothing that spreads the stoke of having fun riding bikes.

FBM BMX also works hard to hold BMX jams and events, building the BMX scene from the ground up.

FBM Bikes is perhaps the most BMX company in BMX and as you can see, they stand for a lot.